Monday, November 12, 2012

Foilage dress

Which way is the wind blowing? Well by the looks of my flyaways, it's a northerly, meaning warm weather is on it's way! Yay! 
I probably shouldn't say this as I know a lot of people rely on rain in our very dry and dusty country, but I was a little miffed to hear that the La NiƱa weather pattern is returning to Australia. I was looking forward to an endless blue sky sunny summer; a welcome change to overcast humid rainy summers of late in Sydney. Today I am not complaining though as it was a good day to get out onto the roof of our apartment and take some photos of my latest sewing project. 

 This summery knock up is a Vogue pattern V8784 wrap dress, view A, teemed with a synthetic jersey print of big flowers. The bodice is lined with white synthetic jersey also. I got this fabric from the Remant Warehouse in Botany along with a swag of other great cloth a few months ago. The place is the bomb, they have a huge range of quality funky fabrics, the staff are really friendly and helpful and it's all really cheap.

This was quite a learning curve for me, mainly working with this type of material and also adding a lining for the first time. I really like the contrast of the white lining with the green and blue and decided to created a piping effect on the sleeves and facings. 
I cut out a size 14 based on the measurements provided, however it was too big in the bust area and decided to do a 2cm seam allowance along the neck and front edges. I still think it's a bit big in the bust area, so will need to look towards a better fit for the next round. Perhaps I should look at creating muslins? I see a lot of people do this and it does make sense...

 View A is a full skirt as shown in effect here despite a grumpy face. Due to the type of jersey I used, it's quite a heavy drapey dress. I fear that it will start to drop further despite tape being placed in a number of places along the shoulder seams and front edges. I hope to get a summer out of it at least. 

Please stay sunshine and all things warm!


  1. Your dress is so feminine and beautiful!

  2. Beautiful dress and beautiful photos!

  3. What a super view from your roof-top. Perfect backdrop for your dress - looks beautiful on you. As for the weather, up here in Brisbane we could do with 'a little' rain, and just one day without the heat...J

    1. Thanks Judith! Yes I am now hoping we all get some rain!! Merry Christmas x