Sunday, September 2, 2012

My little darling

Despite completing this dress in May, I have only just now worked up the motivation and nerve to start a blog. I'll admit one of the reasons why I decided to take up this sewing caper was after seeing Paunnet's version of the very lovely Darling Ranges Dress by Megan Nielson. I was so happy to stumble across this pattern during my interwebs sojourns and this quickly led to many more moments eye balling other lovely versions such as Makes the things and Lindsay etc. I knew this was to be my first pattern to try sans patient sewing class teacher holding my hand and garment along the way. Brimming with overconfidence but not surprisingly little skill from the completion of my first basic skirt, I leapt into this project and gave it a good hot go. I'd be embarrassed for a 'real' sewer to glance over this; there are so many things wonky about the construction, but the style and fabric is generously forgiving - well I think so anyway. 

Everything was sourced from my local Spotlight store. The denim fabric was after my own heart when I found out at the counter it had been reduced to $3 a metre. I added watermelon satin bias to the facing and armholes (one of the aforementioned wonky jobs) and used some really cute art deco-y buttons to pick up the pink in the flowers. 

I found this pattern extremely easy and since exploring more commercial patterns, I have been yearning for the sweet old days back in May when this pattern and I got along like best friends and we understood each other completely. Commercial patterns and I are currently struggling - but I will persevere. This dress is super comfy, and I'm a big fan of the pockets. My hands are in them all the time.

 Hands loving the pockets

I learned a lot of new skills from making this dress and have a lot to practice to improve the wonks. Next time I'm thinking a lighter cotton one for summer. I can't wait to try the Banksia top by Megan Nielson also, I'm jumping onto the Banskia sew -a -long happening this month which will be a first, can't wait!


  1. That is really lovely! That fabric is gorgeous and the red buttons set it off so well! :D

    1. Thank you! It's been a staple in the wardrobe these past few months.